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Excursions Filled with Impressive Sights

Take a tour around the prefecture to see a variety of highlights including world-famous tourist sites, majestic natural landscapes, famous temples and city streets with long histories.

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Toyama City Area

Shipping Agency Mori Residence

Shipping Agency Mori Residence
The Kitamaebune were commercial ships that once traveled on shipping routes through the Sea of Japan. 

The Mori Residence is a traditional townhouse that has been preserved in Iwase, a port of call for the Kitamaebune. 

The extravagant house was built by a wealthy merchant using materials collected from around the country. 

From Toyama Station, it is easily accessible by the Light Rail.

Fugan Canal Kansui Park - Fugan Suijo Line

Fugan Canal Kansui Park – Fugan Suijo Line
The Fugan Suijo Line is a cruise that starts from Kansui Park and travels along the Fugan Canal through the Nakajima Lock to the port town of Iwase.

Passengers can enjoy beautiful scenery along the historic canal in the hour-long cruise, and experience the rare "water elevator" at the Nakajima Lock.

The Starbucks Coffee in the Fugan Canal Kansui Park is said to be the most beautiful in the world.

Takaoka/Imizu/Himi Area

National Treasure - Zuiryu-ji Temple

National Treasure - Zuiryu-ji Temple
Zuiryu-ji is the family temple of Maeda Toshinaga (1562-1614), who developed Takaoka, Toyama Prefecture’s second largest city.

The arrangement of buildings within the temple precinct is typical of the architecture of the Zen sect of Buddhism and is a grand sight to see.

The main hall, lecture hall and main gate were designated as national treasures in 1997.

The Tateyama Mountain Range Viewed from the Amaharashi Coast

The Tateyama Mountain Range Viewed
from the Amaharashi Coast
The majestic view of the Tateyama Mountain Range looming 3,000m above Toyama Bay changes with each season and is breathtakingly beautiful. 

The dynamic view of Toyama Bay and the Tateyama Mountain Range has been highly appreciated, and Toyama Bay became a member of the organization the "Most Beautiful Bays in the World" in 2014.

Tateyama Area

Tateyama Museum / Tateyama Caldera Sabo Museum

Tateyama Museum /
Tateyama Caldera Sabo Museum
Learn about the nature and history of the Tateyama Mountain Range at the Tateyama Museum, where the nature and climate of the area and the religious practices that developed around Tateyama is explained. 

Meanwhile, the Tateyama Caldera Sabo Museum introduces the unique nature and history of the Tateyama Caldera area as well as the past and the present of the Sabo (control of soil erosion) work that has been carried out to protect the prefectural land.

Tateyama Kurobe Alpine Route

Tateyama Kurobe Alpine Route
This mountain sightseeing route goes right through the 3,000-meter-high Northern Alps. 

Experience the awe-inspiring views of the Tateyama Mountain Range where the scenery changes from season to season. 

20-meter walls of snow that can be seen in spring is a true spectacle.

Tonami/Nanto Area

Tonami Tulip Park

Tonami Tulip Park
The colors and fragrances of flowers in four different seasons are on display at this flower theme park in the city. 

Three million tulips of 700 varieties bloom in the spring, and canna flowers are ablaze in the summer.

World Heritage - The Historic Villages of Gokayama

World Heritage Site –
The Historic Villages of Gokayama
Gassho-style houses built in a unique style with steep thatched roofs exist only in Gokayama and Shirakawa-go and reflect the lifestyle and the wisdom that has been passed down through the ages. 

Visitors can stay overnight in the historic village, a UNESCO World Heritage Site that has also been given the rank of three stars (top rank) by Michelin Green Guide Japon 2009.

Uozu/Kurobe/Unazuki Area

Kurobe Gorge Railway

Kurobe Gorge Railway
Ride the trolley train to travel through Kurobe Gorge, Japan's deepest V-shaped gorge. 

Visitors can enjoy beautiful sights all year round, from the fresh green leaves of spring, the cool, clear streams in the summer, and the lovely colorings of the foliage in autumn.

Unazuki Hot Springs

Unazuki Hot Springs
The starting point of the Kurobe Gorge Railway is Unazuki Onsen, the most famous hot spring village in Toyama Prefecture. 

About 15 hotels and inns are located in the tranquil town in the mountains.


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